The Corporate Comedy Hypnosis Show
Frequently Asked Questions
Q - How Much Does A Show Cost?
A - Each show is different, with different needs. It would be irresponsible for me to just quote one price for all events. Fill out the Contact Us page for info.
Q - Can I See Your Demo?
A - Absolutely! Just fill out the Contact Us page and we'll get that info out to you.
Q - Is Hypnosis Safe?
A - Yes! It's a natural state of mind that you go into everyday right before you fall asleep. Your brain loves it!
Q - Can You Hypnotize Me To Help Me [ quit smoking etc]?
A - Yes and etc. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that's been used for centuries to help people make improvements in their lives. I have a site specifically dedicated to that called:
"We've Had Sonny Do A Show For Us for the past 10 years..."
- Martin Sheppard - 
School Principle
Insured & Certified Stage Hypnotist
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